Elias is currently one of the most beloved Superstars on the RAW roster. In fact, the Superstar has done so much more. Besides releasing an album through WWE Music, Elias has also performed at Bourbon Street and has a WWE Network special that was made in his behalf.
The RAW Superstar was interviewed by CBS Sports, where he revealed if he would be open to changing his act. He also gave an insight into how Dusty Rhodes changed his career, explained if he has ‘groupies’ and clarified if Jeff Jarrett and Honky Tonk Man are in the same ballpark as him.
To begin with, Elias gave the reporter an update on how his life has been as of late.

“Well you know, I’m changing lives on a daily basis, you know what I mean? It’s within me to do something like this. I was just born; just created- and now here I am, for everybody. You know, the world is watching and this is what they want to see- Elias. They want to see as much of me as they can. That’s what I’m doing, I’m just doing my thing here.”

This would lead into the next question, as Elias gives an insight into why he decided to perform at Bourbon Street before WrestleMania 34.

“So listen man, that was something I wanted to do. I’ve got all this music inside me, and at the time I had all the songs from the album inside me, and I wanted- I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted to give them a piece of me. So I went there; I showed up. Yeah, you never know what you’re gonna get, but you got Elias so you know it’s gonna be good. Sure enough, man, I get into it and by the end of it- I don’t know if you saw my documentary- I mean, people are singing along to the words; they’re singing. You know, I seen so many stupid people I want to punch them in the face. That was one of the catchy choruses that I wrote. So that’s it, man. That was a fantastic experience.”

The reporter asks if Elias has any groupies- to which Elias said they don’t use that term, but reminded the reporter that he does have a lot of admirers.

“Uhhh…yeah. We don’t like to use that term, ok. But yes, there are plenty of- are we talking specifically female fans here? I don’t know what we’re messing with here. Here’s the thing. We’ll leave it like that. There are plenty of Elias admirers out there, and Elias respects each and every one of them.”

There are constant comparisons made between Elias and former WWE Superstars. In particular, Jarrett and Honky Tonk Man are both names dropped by fans and the media alike. Elias cleared the air, claiming he respects them, but they had totally different shticks, so it is unfair to compare them.


“Not at all, not at all. Look, they’ve got a great wrestling background. There is no doubt about it. But when it comes to wrestling and entertainment, there is nothing like it, man. Just for the record, for anyone out there; Jeff Jarrett cannot play guitar. Honky Tonk Man cannot play guitar. Elias- guitar, piano, harmonica, drums. I mean you name it, I can do anything, man. I even wrote a song on my album called ‘Nothing I Can’t Do’ which kind of lists off a bunch of things I can do. When I hear the comparisons, I get it. They carry the guitar around with them; they’re in the wrestling business- but when you break it down and you just look at us individually, there are just no comparisons.”

The reporter asks Elias if he’d ever considered plugging in and changing his act. This would see Elias drop the acoustic guitar and focus on using electric guitars for his character.

“You know what? I gotta say, I can do anything. Even on my album, I did play an electric guitar solo for anybody that was playing close attention. So that said, will I go electric at some point? It is very possible. I’m very happy with my acoustic right now, I’m very happy with the way it’s set up but you know, the natural rhythm of a rockstar will take you to electric at some point.”

Finally, the RAW Superstar gets emotional talking about the influence Rhodes had on his career before his death. Elias is considered by many to be the final ‘project’ Rhodes focused on developing.

“Man, Dusty was such a fantastic storyteller. Yes, it kind of gives me goosebumps that you brought that up, man, because yeah- he was so good to so many people; he was so good to me. He believed in Elias before- I mean, before anybody believed in Elias. He was just able to see what would take somebody to the next level; he’d pull that out of them. Man, I’ll just forever be indebted to Dusty and the time he spent with me and the knowledge he passed on to me. So, man, thank you for bringing that up. It gets me emotional.”

Do you see Elias as a World Champion in the future? Would Elias appeal to you if he were to switch acoustic for electric guitars? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions down below.
(Please credit Ringside News for the transcription.)

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