Wrestling is an art form that has existed for decades. Over time, the industry has changed dramatically. The current wrestling industry is considered by many to be in a boom period, despite the lack of attendance at WWE events as of late.
NXT Superstar Kassius Ohno is a twenty-year veteran of the ring. While the Superstar may still be in WWE’s developmental brand, he has no shortage of experience. In fact, many Superstars on the main roster in WWE have not had as much experience as the former Chris Hero.
Ohno was recently asked by @SlayZelinaSlay on Twitter when the suplex started to be pronounced as “su-plex” as opposed to “Su-Play,” to which Ohno revealed the correct way to say suplex has always been “su-play,” but words and pronunciations evolve over time and naturally, people started pronouncing it as “su-plex.”

Following this, user @MM_Knight explained to Ohno that language doesn’t operate as such and if “su-plex” is the way people pronounce the famous wrestling move now, then that is the correct way to say it.
Ohno seemingly agreed with this and corrected his original tweet by claiming he should’ve said WAS instead of IS.

As it stands, the suplex is one of the most common moves in professional wrestling. Just about every wrestler out there can use the move and has more than likely taken hundreds of them throughout their careers. As we also know, the original suplex has transformed to where there are many variations of the original move itself now.
You can find a list of these moves in the video below:

How do you pronounce the word ‘suplex?’ Did you believe this was always the pronunciation for the move? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reaction in the comments below.

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