WWE Announcer Kayla Braxton Robbed At 7-11

It seems that Kayla Braxton didn’t have the best Wednesday because she was apparently robbed at a 7-11 by an employee of the store no less!

The WWE announcer tweeted out around 10:30 PM on Wednesday night that an Orlando 7-11 employee jacked her wallet and threw it in the dumpster behind the store after taking all of her cash. She called the cops who apparently got the employee to show them the wallet in the dumpster, but the cash was gone.

This whole process took an hour for the employee to fess up, but Kayla is still left without her cash. It’s unclear what else was taken from her wallet, but nevertheless, this is pretty outrageous.

Kayla Braxton said this is unacceptable and we have to agree. It’s a good thing she found her wallet, but this situation shouldn’t have happened in the first place.