RAW Superstar Sasha Banks may be out of action right now, but she appears to still be involved in various interviews for WWE. The ‘Legit Boss’ recently sat down for Hispanic heritage month to talk about her hero, and the man she continues to emulate in Eddie Guerrero.
To fans familiar with Banks, they’ll know her love for Eddie. Throughout her career, she has showcased this on the main roster and down in NXT. From the vehicle used to carry her to the ring at TakeOver Brooklyn to the Frog Splash she uses within her moveset, Banks contributes a lot of this to Guerrero and has for as long as she has wrestled inside the squared circle.
Banks had some interesting comments on how his legendary career inspired her to do what he did, and she hopes to inspire the next generation of performers by continuing to build from his legacy. Her goal is for the Guerrero legacy to live forever.

“Eddie Guerrero inspired me to become a WWE Superstar. While I grew up watching him, there was an instant connection. His charisma, his skills in the ring- everything about him was so special. At WrestleMania 32, my gear was dedicated to him. I wanted to have an entrance with a car- everything he did in the ring, I wanted to do. He was so entertaining. He was so good you just had to get behind him. I was just a little girl being a fan and now I’m doing everything I ever dreamt of. His legacy is gonna carry on forever. I hope I am doing him justice.”

You can watch the original segment featuring Banks’ interview below:

Do you think Banks is doing a good job so far at continuing the legacy? Were you a fan of Guerrero? Let us know your thoughts, opinion, and reactions in those comments below.
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