Is There Heat On The Referee Due To How He Handled Liv Morgan’s Injury?


Liv Morgan is out of commission at this point until she can pass an Impact test following a concussion that she suffered at the feet of Brie Bella on Raw this week.

Dave Meltzer discussed the idea of heat on the referee during the 6-woman tag on Raw this week during Wrestling Observer Radio where he explained how the referee in the match doesn’t appear to be in any kind of trouble for how the situation was handled.

“If someone from the back goes to the referee and says, ‘she’s knocked out stop it’ the referee will do that in a heartbeat and clearly nobody did that. Because it didn’t happen. He should have jumped in there himself but I can see why he wouldn’t have with that thing but he’s got an earpiece, right?”

“I have heard nothing from anyone in the office about there being any heat — there’s heat from us and there should be heat. The office should have heat with the office. Whoever was in the Gorilla Position, whoever was in the referee’s ear, they should have said ‘stop the match,'”

It was also noted that the referee didn’t throw up the “X” hand sign to signify that someone was legit injured in the match. But at this time there doesn’t seem to be any heat on Brie Bella or the referee for Liv Morgan’s grade 2 concussion because accidents happen.

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