WWE Is Being Secretive Regarding Sasha Banks’ Injury

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Sasha Banks was injured and taken out of action including the WWE Mixed Match Challenge where she was replaced by Ember Moon. But at this point, she’s simply not allowed to come to the ring, unlike Alexa Bliss who as at least been approved for minimal action and can be at ringside.

Dave Meltzer expanded on Banks’ status a bit during Wrestling Observer Radio where he explained how WWE isn’t saying anything which is usually a sign that there is even more fire to the smoke. If anything, it certainly makes us more suspicious.

“I don’t have a specific injury. She’s off for ‘medical reasons’ is all that I know which we kind of already knew anyway. So as far as seriousness as far as everything else obviously they’re keeping that one quiet. It’s not like I haven’t asked.”

“So for whatever reason. I don’t know why they wouldn’t say. Usually when they don’t say there’s a story as to why and we usually end up getting more suspicious and when we get suspicious… I don’t know.”

Only time will tell how badly Banks is injured but at this point with her, Alexa Bliss, and Liv Morgan possibly out of commission, that could put a huge dent in the Evolution pay-per-view coming up in just a few short weeks.

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