Which Match Is Expected to Main Event Super Show-Down?

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WWE Super Show-Down is scheduled to air on the WWE Network from the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. The show is set to take place on October 6, and the various matches for the event seem to all be put in place.

The card is already packed, with ten matches scheduled to take place. With no confirmed main event, WWE fans are starting to wonder what show is expected to headline. The obvious choices seem to be between AJ Styles/Samoa Joe, The Undertaker/Triple H, and The Shield/Dogs of War.

Dave Meltzer was asked on Twitter what match is supposedly scheduled to be the main event of the evening. This led the owner of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter to claim the bout between Triple H and Undertaker is expected to main event, as it is the bout that is promoted the heaviest for the show.

Anything can change between now and then, though the expectation at this moment, as Meltzer explains, is that The Undertaker and Triple H will duke it out for the Australian fans in the final match of the night…or morning for those Americans watching live on the WWE Network.

Are you going to be watching the show? Which match on the card interests you the most? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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