James Ellsworth Reacts To Carmella’s Partnership With R-Truth

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R-Truth and Carmella kicked off SmackDown Live this week by taking The Miz’s place as host of Truth TV. The segment was hilarious and even featured a 7-second dance party break that left their guest Daniel Bryan legitimately laughing out loud.

It seems like Carmella and Ellsworth are no more and R-Truth has taken his place. But this came at a perfect time for Truth and just in time for Carmella to change things up as well because not only is she a much darker hair color now but she is also a babyface to boot.

But James Ellsworth obviously saw this show and was a bit let down because he’s not the one hosting a talk show with a dance break on SmackDown Live. He commented during the Truth TV segment saying that Mella’s hair looks great and then followed it with a #RehireEllsworth.

The door isn’t closed for WWE and James Ellsworth because he left the company in great standing from all we’ve heard and he’s well-liked. But his last run took place without an actual contract so you never know if he could get a phone call out of nowhere that might bring him back to TV.

But in the meantime, it looks like R-Truth and Carmella are going to be moving on with their storyline.


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