WWE Superstars have a lot of great perks for their job and one of them is every now and then Mattel will make an action figure for them. This is usually a very exciting time for any WWE Superstar, but for Alexa Bliss, her next action figure might not meet expectations.
They have state-of-the-art image capture technology that scans Superstars’ faces, but apparently, Bliss was stung by a bee on the day of her scan or they just couldn’t get her to show up so they used someone else completely.
Either way, this new picture of Bliss’ face for her upcoming picture seems to have missed the mark completely and Reddit has certainly noticed. Thanks to user XaeroGravity for pointing this one out because there is certainly something amiss with this upcoming figure’s face design.
Only time will tell if they will fix the design before putting it out into the market, but if this is what shows up in stores, you might not want to do too many comparisons to the actual Five Feet Of Fury’s picture on the packaging because as you can see, there aren’t many similarities except for possibly the fact that she’s blonde.

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H Jenkins

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