Johnny Gargano is one of the best acts in NXT and fans are all wondering what might happen once he is called up to the main roster. He has a ton of potential, but we’ve seen so much from him so far that we also wonder how the main roster would be able to step anything up for him.
Gargano recently spoke to Cultahoic while promoting the WWE 2k19 video game. He also discussed the idea of going to WWE and what it might bring for him. But in the meantime, he seems to be just happy in NXT.

“People ask me all the time about going up to the main roster and moving on. I’m very happy with what I built in NXT and I feel there are bigger and better things to accomplish in NXT. I want to take NXT to levels it’s never seen before and I know that’s hard to do because it’s at the top right not. But I feel we can go even higher.”
“But for me personally, NXT Tommaso Ciampa is the NXT Champion. I feel that’s my fault. I feel ultimately I need to right that wrong and the goal has always to be the NXT Champion and I hope one day that happens.”

Only time will tell how a guy like Johnny Gargano might be used on the main roster. After all, he’s a smaller guy that might be used against him. But his incredible ability and how over he is with the fans could always bring another big change if the fans decide to demand Johnny Wrestling get a fair shake on Raw or SmackDown.

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