NXT Wrestler Accused of Being Homophobic


NXT Superstar Lacey Evans was recently accused of being homophobic by the current FEST Wrestling Champion, Effy Gibbes. Gibbes and Evans have worked together in the past- and Evans’ inclusion in WWE 2K19 as part of the DLC triggered a response from the Champion.

Gibbes took to Twitter to claim Evans was homophobic towards him behind her back. This reportedly happened in a locker room that they were both a part of. He added further insult to injury by claiming Evans acted this way until she saw the pre-workout routine Gibbes was doing and acted differently towards him, attempting to borrow the routine.

When Twitter user @skylizzle prompted the Champion for further details, Gibbes mentioned Evans had complained to other wrestlers and promoters about sharing the locker room with someone that was is gay. He also acknowledged that this was all information that he received second hand, adding that he hopes Evans has grown since that time.

While Evans has been active on her social media, she has yet to respond to Gibbes. Depending on the accuracy of the claims made by the Champion, Evans may not issue a response at all.

What is your reaction to this? Do you believe Gibbes? Let us know down in those comments below.

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