Rey Mysterio Reportedly Signs New Contract With WWE


It’s been speculated for a while that WWE would get Rey Mysterio to sign a new contract. After all, there were more people talking about his Royal Rumble return on social media than actually talking about Roman Reigns winning the match. He had a few indie dates to take care of and appeared for NJPW, but it looks like his days working elsewhere are over once again for now.

PW Insider has been able to confirm that Rey Mysterio and WWE have officially inked a new deal. Mysterio has signed a 2-year contract and had been trying to work on something closer to 18 months, but WWE got 2 years instead because that’s what they wanted.

Sources have also said that Mysterio was able to work a clause into his contract that would allow him to “give notice” at the 18-month mark.

So it’s only a matter of time before WWE uses Rey Mysterio in some respect. After all, he’s under contract so that 2-year clock that they have to use him is theoretically ticking down already.

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