In an uplifting ending to the story we recently reported on in regards to WWE Hall of Famer Paul Orndorff potentially losing his house, we now have an update on the conclusion of that crisis.
During our last report, we mentioned Orndorff had to raise $10,000 through GoFundMe in order to save his house. His son, Travis Orndorff created the campaign- which ultimately raised a total of $10,868 by 239 people in just 9 days.
“Mr. Wonderful” was forced to pay almost $10, 000 in property taxes and almost lost his house. He had until the end of this month to pay the money- and it seems that Orndorff will be able to keep his place, with thanks to Brian Blair, several current and former WWE Superstars, his son Travis and all the fans who donated.
As the goal was reached, Travis had the following message to provide as a user by the name of John Logtens donated the highest amount at $1, 465 which enabled him to get the robe offered. However, Logtens apparently denied the gift and asked that Travis auction it off for further money for his father.

“A quick update on Mr. Wonderful’s robe. The winning donation, with his permission I would reveal, declined to accept and offered that I auction to raise additional money for my father. I completely agree, however, due to your generosity, I will be donating the robe to the Cauliflower Alley Club for their next auction to raise money for other wrestlers in need. If you ever question what these men went through, check out their website. Brian Blair is my dads best friend and is like my older brother. Without his support and love, we wouldn’t be here today. Thank you, BB! We love you.”

He would subsequently release a video of himself thanking everybody and reminding the people that donated how thankful he and his family are for their support.

In the tenth update, he revealed the check from the Bank of America with the funds his father needed to pay the Fayette County.

In the update that followed, he showcased more notes, showing it had been paid in full.

Finally, Travis released a video of his father “Mr. Wonderful” thanking everyone for what they’ve done for him.

If all goes to plan, the family intend on attending a show in Rome, Georgia. Here, it seems Orndorff wants to personally thank as many people in person as possible for what they did for him on the online campaign.
What are your favorite memories of Orndorff? Did you donate to the campaign? Let us know in the comments down below.

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