Alexa Bliss Pulled From WWE Mixed Match Challenge Due To Injury


It looks like WWE is really going to play up the power of Ronda Rousey’s armbar because Alexa Bliss has been yanked from her spot in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge as part of Team Littlle Big.

Ember Moon will fill her spot on tonight’s show instead so Braun Strowman will have to learn how to work with The Warrior Goddess instead of the Five Feet Of Fury.

It was said that Bliss woke up this morning and felt numbness in her left arm as a lasting effect of Rousey’s armbar. This is likely a storyline but it’s still interesting how WWE storylines are already leaking over to the MMC.

Bliss hasn’t been cleared to compete in the live events either, so hopefully this isn’t legit. But regardless we’ll see Braun and Ember take on Kevin Owens and Natalya instead.

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