Why Renee Young Remained Silent On Commentary During Dean Ambrose’s WWE Return

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Renee Young recently spoke to Yahoo Sports about her recent gig on Raw and the fact that her first night on commentary was also the night her husband Dean Ambrose returned from injury during the go-home SummerSlam shot.

The newest addition to the Raw announce team said that it was intentional because of how well she knew Ambrose, after all, they are married so it added to the experience. But in the end, it was best for her just to sit back and enjoy what was happening.

“That was by design. I think it made more sense because I knew for Dean, he had been waiting for almost nine months, and it was a huge, huge moment for him. Anything that I would have said in that moment would not have added. It was great just to sit back and see him in that moment. My heart was full for him.”

It’s pretty cool that WWE thought ahead and put Renee Young in a place where we could experience her reaction when Ambrose came back from injury looking way more muscular and ready for action. Now she gets to call the action every week as her husband continues his WWE career.

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