Kane Confirmed For WWE Super Show-Down

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The Undertaker came to the ring this week on Raw and he had a match against Triple H at WWE’s Australian Super Show-Down event to promote. Taker addressed Triple H’s promo last week where he said The Dead Man has lost all self-respect.

The Undertaker said delusion will be Triple H’s downfall and he’s not the savage warrior he used to be. After all, he’s playing a much more corporate game right now and his battlefield is the boardroom.

Taker said the devil is in the details and Shawn Michaels is one of those details because he will be standing in Triple H’s corner and Taker will be okay with that. But he said standing in his corner will be his own brother Kane. So it looks like Kane will be able to leave his gig as Mayor to take a trip to Australia.

It looks like they could be setting up for a massive tag match which was something we reported a while ago via Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast.

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