Big Title Change At Hell In A Cell

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Hell In A Cell was a night full of surprising moments and thrilling action, but the match between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch was a grudge match for a title, but it meant so much more than a belt.

It seemed like Becky and Charlotte went out there to put on the match of their careers and while some might disagree, the two women delivered and were on the top of their game at HIAC.

Charlotte Flair got out of a Dis-Arm Her and then out of nowhere, Lynch pulled off a pinfall and got the title.

She celebrated like a babyface after winning the match in a heel role. Charlotte Flair was left crying in the ring and thinking about what just happened. This is certainly interesting, but only time will tell what it could mean for the future of SmackDown Live. One thing is for sure, it was a huge moment for The Lass Kicker.

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