Amidst all the weather concerns in America right now, Dave Meltzer was asked on Twitter whether WWE would postpone or cancel WrestleMania if there were weather concerns for the area WWE is set to hold the event at.
After watching the Titans v Dolphins game on Sunday, Twitter user @niallpower17 tweeted the wrestling journalist asking if he believes Vince McMahon’s company would postpone or cancel their biggest event of the year for the safety of the fans.
Meltzer responded with a simple “yes,” not confirming in any further detail which of the two scenarios WWE would find themselves in. We can speculate that the idea of delaying WrestleMania is much more likely than canceling it all together.

The reason WWE would feel obligated to delay the event comes down to the potential for the company to face lawsuits by putting their customers at risk in holding the event in poor conditions. Rest assured, if WWE ever has this crisis, they’d find a way to hold the event in some capacity.
Have you ever attended a WWE show in poor weather conditions? What do you believe WWE would do in a time of crisis? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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