Watch Rusev Show Off Some Impressive Skills On The Basketball Court

Rusev might be loving his Rusev Day gimmick, but it looks like he could try out for a Mr. Perfect-type role with the number of shots he can sink on the basketball court. The Bulgarian Brute was recently shooting some hoops at Texas Tech and it was quite impressive how many he was able to hit perfectly.

When all was said and done, Rusev demanded to be inserted into a celebrity all-star¬†game of some kind. After all, he would make a fine addition to a game like that because who’s going to guard him for fear of catching a Machka Kick?

He might not be totally Mr. Perfect at this point, after all, he hasn’t passed a football to himself for a touchdown yet. But it looks like he’s probably perfected his jump shot game enough at this point that they can move on to rehearsing more impressive athletic feats just in case.

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