The Rock is The People’s Champ for a reason because when he sees something sketchy going on he puts a Rock Bottom on it as soon as possible. So when The Rock saw a scam going on in the Facebook world with his name connected to it, he had to say something about it.
He spoke out on Instagram about a bunch of scammers who are setting up fake accounts on Facebook claiming to be him. He said he has the feds working on the issue right now, but apparently, these accounts have been asking fans for money while promising more cash and cars.
He said that he would never ask fans for money to get free stuff while calling them “real pieces of sh*t.” The Rock said he’s been a evicted at 15 and had little money until WWE changed all that. “I’ve got enough people trying to steal sh*t from me as it is, I would never try to take from you guys,” he said.
It looks like The Rock is on the matter, just don’t believe the hype because usually if something seems too good to be true, it probably is and it’s usually a scam in today’s society.


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H Jenkins

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