If you watched All In you probably noticed how there was no time at all for post-match celebrations following the main event because the show ended very quickly. That is because the main event lost a chunk of time and only went around 12 minutes before they were going to lose pay-per-view feed.
The chief blame for this time issue was Marty Scurll’s match against Kazuchika Okada where they went way over the allotted time for their match. Mike Johnson said on PW Insider Elite Audio that Cody Rhodes’ match against Nick Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship actually ran 6 or 7 minutes under which was a good thing because they needed all the time possible for the show.

“I don’t know if it aired on TV but they were literally having people run to the ring during Marty Scrull vs Okada yelling at Scurll: ‘Go home! You have to go home!’ And at one point there was even consideration because someone who was on the headsets heard it that Cody Rhodes: ‘just ring the bell and call it a draw we have to move on.’ And that almost happened.’
“So you know they’re all denying it now but there was a little bit of heat on Scurll afterward. He definitely got chastised in the back for this.”

He said the blame was placed on Scurll because of the language barriers between Okada and their referee Tiger Hattori who also speaks English. But it looks like they ended the match just in time before they had the bell rung for them.
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