Cody Rhodes Wonders What’s Next After All In

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Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks pulled off something pretty special on September 1st when the All In show was more than a sellout with 11,263 people in the building. This kind of response was certainly noticed, but now the big question is what they will do next.

The American Nightmare recently replied to the number of All In attendees simply asking, “What do we do next?” This certainly gives off the impression that more All In events could be in the works. Of course, there was nothing new other than this question, but it’s also important to remember that the event started after a simpy question on the Wrestling Observer message board when Dave Meltzer said ROH couldn’t sell out a 10,000 seat venue.

Only time will tell what Cody and The Young Bucks do next, but odds are they will have the entire pro wrestling world’s attention whenever or wherever they decide to hold their next show if that’s in the plans.

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