All In was a big event and they brought in a lot of big names from pro wrestling’s past, present, and future. But during the match where Nick Aldis lost his 10 Pounds Of Gold to Cody Rhodes, they wanted something special for the match that they couldn’t pull off.
Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that they had plans to bring in a couple names that could have added a lot to that match, unfortunately, they couldn’t pull it off.

“They wanted Tony Schiavone to announce but he had a football game to announce. They wanted Mike Tenay but it just couldn’t happen and I almost announced too… I shouldn’t say that because it never came that close. Mike Tenay wanted to announce with me.”

If you enjoyed the NWA World Heavyweight Title match at All In, then it might have been a lot different on television if they would have been able to bring in either of those big names in pro wrestling commentary history.
There was also the possibility of Dave Meltzer possibly commentating for the match which might have been incredibly interesting as well.
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H Jenkins

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