Becky Lynch seems to be chasing the title that she feels was unfairly taken from her when Charlotte Flair made herself at home in the SummerSlam match that cost Carmella her title. Now it looks like with the fans behind her and sympathizing to her point, Lynch could be in line for something very cool.
Dave Meltzer addressed WWE’s decision to go ahead with Becky Lynch on Wrestling Observer Radio and unless WWE has their hearts set on something else, Lynch is likely going to be walking away with the SmackDown Women’s Title eventually.

“Depending on what their longterm plans are they’ll make everybody happy giving her the title. Although you could hold off on that too, you don’t have to rush the title on her. I don’t know if that is necessarily a prerequisite to do that but she should end up with it unless you have a storyline that doesn’t allow for that to happen.”
“The probably have that women’s show on October 28th kind of penciled in their heads and I’m not sure if when they did this that Charlotte Flair was in a really big match on that show. I don’t know against who, it might even be with Becky Lynch and that may even be the place where they do the change because it’s going to be a higher profile in some ways show.”

Only time will tell what WWE is going to do with Becky Lynch but considering the fact that she’s incredibly popular at least, WWE seems to be doing something with her because it’s got us talking about it here.
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