While AJ Styles will face Samoa Joe at Hell in a Cell, there has been no word as to whether or not it will take place within the confines of the cell. It’s a match many people would want to see, no doubt about it. Few feuds are as personal and as vicious as this one. It’s almost surprising that it hasn’t been announced as a cell match yet.

As with any and all scenarios, there are potential pros and cons. If the two TNA legends were to face each other behind bars, what would these pros and cons be?

pro: it makes the cell a big deal

Last year at Hell in a Cell, the two matches we got at least had enough meat to them that they warranted a cell match. Kevin Owens nearly murdered Mr. McMahon. Shane was going to avenge his father. Boom, bloodlust. Meanwhile, the Usos and the New Day were locked in a bitter rivalry that spanned several months. The Cell would be their final battleground.


The year before that, not so much. Of the three Cell matches that took place, it could be argued that none of them really needed it. Roman Reigns and Rusev just didn’t like each other. Seth Rollins was being a whining baby, and his beef wasn’t even really with Kevin Owens in the first place; his main enemy was Triple H. And then Sasha Banks and Charlotte were all too happy to be fighting within the “Satanic Structure of Doom.” It was weird.

If AJ Styles and Samoa Joe were to be placed within the cell, it would make it seem like a big deal, and vice versa. These two men have been locked in a rivalry so personal, so bitter, and so hateful that they need to settle their differences in a place where no one can run. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will both go to hell, and only one man will walk out. There’s a special kind of gravity to that.

con: too many hell in a cell matches

This is the main issue that most people have. There are too many Hell in a Cell matches, and more often than not, the feuds don’t really call for the competitors to be confined in a 20 foot cage with 500 million tons of chainlink fence. Do you think that Randy Orton and John Cena, who were just fighting for a number one contender’s spot, needed the cage for their match? Not really.

If AJ Styles and Samoa Joe were to face each other inside the cage, people would ask questions. “Do they really need to fight in the cage?” And maybe those people will have a point. You could say that out of all the matches on the card, this deserves the cell the most, but if five other cell matches have already been announced, it won’t matter.

pro: It will be an awesome match

We all saw how their match at Summerslam went down. Even though the match ended in a disqualification, it was great. The two men are some of the more experienced members of the roster, and it really showed. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are two top tier athletes. Maybe some people were underwhelmed. That’s okay. Maybe some people didn’t like the ending. Again, that’s okay. But if these two men were placed inside Hell in a Cell, only one man will walk away victorious.

Neither man has competed inside the structure before. Joe was on Raw while Smackdown had the Hell in a Cell PPV, while AJ Styles defended his United States Championship against Tye Dillinger and Baron Corbin in a Triple Threat.

Since both men are very familiar with each other, they could put on an absolute showstealer. Joe is so convincing in his brutality and sadism, and Styles is so great at getting fans behind him. Let the two men wage war in Hell.

con: It could make the result obvious

This is not absolute. I’m not claiming that it is. I’m just saying that if Styles and Joe were to face each other inside the Cell, I’d be inclined to believe that AJ Styles is retaining the title.

The Cell is supposed to be the big blow-off match. It’s supposed to be the pinnacle of the bad blood. You cannot surpass it. That means that AJ Styles has a higher chance of winning.

If Joe won the title from AJ, AJ is still owed a rematch. Therefore, they will face each other again. Probably within a month, even. And it’s hard to top a Hell in a Cell match. What’s left for them to do? Kill each other?

Again, this is all speculation, but it’s how I see it. However, I’d love to see these two lock horns inside Hell in a Cell, so here’s to hoping.

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