WWE Could Be Planning Epic Long-Term NXT Invasion Storyline

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NXT is growing all the time with every new amazing indie star they sign. But it sounds like WWE might be gearing up for something big eventually.

Joe Peisich said on the latest installment of Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast that WWE might be planning a very interesting angle down the line with their NXT brand that could see a lot of top guys down there get some great exposure.

“WrestleMania is you know the biggest show of the year but there’s talk around being put in place, it may happen in a year, 2 years, whatever for really an NXT take over and sort of an invasion between NXT and WWE,”

This one might sound like a long shot, but you never know what could happen in WWE. It will be very interesting to see how they can do things and a lot can happen in between the time of now and this rumored invasion. But if they keep guys like Adam Cole, Ricochet, Matt Riddle Keith Lee, and other in NXT, who knows what could happen if they all invaded at once?

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