Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub is known for speaking his mind on his Below the Belt podcast when it comes to all things UFC.

And his latest sound byte is about USADA, the anti-doping agency that has partnered with the UFC in an attempt to stomp out performance enhancing drug usage in the sport.

However, if Schaub is to be believed, USADA is in on the gig with the UFC and selectively choose who to test and who not to test, in order to let the bigger stars with questionable histories with respect to drug testing – Jon Jones in this instance – slip through the cracks.

It’s just a little obvious. Be less obvious USADA. If you’re gonna be in on the gig – wink wink – at least make it a little less obvious. At least test Jon four times. Can you do that over a year period? Can you go there four times? You’re testing anyways in Albuquerque, can you test the man? Is that too much to ask for?

His criticism stemmed from the fact that Daniel Cormier, who is an Olympian and has never failed a single drug test in his career, was tested multiple times this year while Jon Jones, who has had multiple drug related issues through out his career, was tested only once.


You can watch the full podcast below:

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