SummerSlam has come and gone, but WWE pulled off some pretty clever tricks at the end of the show. Just as Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns were about to collide, Strowman came out to announce he wasn’t a coward so he was going to wait outside the ring for the match to end and then the winner of the UT match would get those hands.

During the match, Roman “accidentally” hit  Braun with a suicide spear and then Lesnar took out Strowman with an F5 and some chair shots which was legal because Strowman wasn’t in the match. Suddenly, as Lesnar as distracted and he looked like he was going to hit Roman with a chair, Reigns nailed Brock with a spear and won it all.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio this booking was done in a way to keep the Brooklyn crowd from crapping on the match because they knew Strowman was coming in next. Therefore, nobody chanted “we want Strowman” during the match.

After the match was over, Kevin Dunn hit exit quickly as soon as Roman won and they got out of the broadcast quickly before the Barclays Center fans figured out they weren’t getting a cash-in. Plenty of fans in Brooklyn and at home were left very upset about Roman Reigns becoming the Universal Champion, but the show was over before they could realize they’d been bait and switched and most importantly they let it happen right in front of them.

H Jenkins

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