Braun Strowman’s Girlfriend Reveals The Monster Among Men’s Pet Name


Braun Strowman isn’t always the scary dude he plays in WWE. In fact, he’s downright happy most of the time. The big country boy is now living a pretty good life as he comes home to a gated community, but he still has plenty of time to shoot guns in the woods with his buddies.

Strowman’s girlfriend Kamila Kaine recently uploaded a picture of her with her man behind the scenes at the Barclays Center. She has her own custom Strowman merch too to proudly proclaim that she “gets those hands” and by the look on Strowman’s face, he’s happy to oblige.

“Can’t wait to watch you do your thing here in a few,” Kaine wrote, “I love you ya big #MeatCastle #IGetThoseHands.”

Another incredibly interesting part of this post comes in the fact that she used #MeatCastle in the post. We can only assume Meat Castle is some sort of pet name that Braun’s lady might have for him and that just makes our day. It’s almost enough to make us forget for a moment that WWE used Strowman possibly cashing in his MITB briefcase to trick fans to pay attention to Roman Reigns winning the Universal Title and not booing it out of the Barclays Center.

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