EC3 walked out of NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV with a loss against the Velveteen Dream. Though accepting defeat isn’t something EC3 is good at, he at least accepted that he needs to up his game.

In a backstage interview after TakeOver, EC3 talked about his match and something very interesting that had happened in NXT a few days back.

After cutting a regular Top One Percent promo, EC3 was asked by Mike Rome about the attack on Aleister Black. For those of you who don’t know, Black was attacked in a backstage segment by an unknown attacker.

This was a way to write him off from the NXT title picture because of an injury that he had sustained.


However, EC3 stepped in and out-right accused Lars Sullivan, Black’s former nemesis for the ambush. EC3 said that it should be obvious that it was Sullivan since he was standing right there during the attacks.

Sullivan’s “Twitter attorney” William Christensen took to Twitter to call out EC3 for these blatant accusations. He said that free promotion aside, he doesn’t like his name on EC3’s lips and would not want to hear it ever again.

Here’s the backstage interview with EC3:

Darshan Sheth

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