Baron Corbin’s Wife Makes Him Some Creepy Taxidermy

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Baron Corbin is a pretty lucky guy, but when he’s in NYC preparing for a big match against Baron Corbin, he doesn’t get to do all the cool stuff the Big Apple has to offer.

The Lone Constable recently uploaded a picture of a nifty taxidermy mouse waiter at a pizzeria that his wife made while she took a taxidermy class. Corbin couldn’t attend because he was working out and was incredibly jealous and it’s easy to see why.

Maybe he’s a mousey waiter, or possibly he’s just getting ready to veg out and watch a Stuart Little marathon with some pizza and popcorn. Either way, we have to admit it’s pretty cool.

But now thanks to Corbin’s wife and her excellent sense of artistic style and humor, the Corbin household will now have a new guest in the form of this little mousey waiter.

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