Jeff Hardy Reveals One Major Thing Missing From His Singles Run

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Jeff Hardy came back from injury and started a singles run and he brought back the facepaint and many of the things we all loved from his previous singles run.

But, as Hardy spoke to a roundtable of European journalists, it was hard for him to ignore that he misses his old music, No More Words. Unfortunately, WWE couldn’t secure the rights to the music for some reason because the band EndEverAfter who performed the song actually broke up during his time away from WWE.

“If we could get ‘No More Words’ back but the band evidently broke up,” Hardy explained. “A lot of people thought that I sung that song, but that was Endeverafter’s song, but I miss that dearly.

“I know a lot of my fans want to hear that more than anything. Because in my opinion, it’s better to save that Hardy Boyz music for the Hardy Boyz. I don’t feel comfortable using it, but I’m not going to complain.

“It might be time to do something completely fresh. But I definitely more than anything right now what’s missing from the Jeff Hardy character on SmackDown is my own entrance music. I need something new and fresh if I don’t get to use ‘No More Words.'”

Only time will tell if Hardy gets new music, or maybe he’s hinting that he and his band has been in the studio working on something special. Either way, it’s hard to ignore that No More Words is really missed during his entrance as the Charismatic Egnima.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription

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