Triple H Says Velveteen Dream’s Message Was Not For Vince McMahon

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As seen earlier at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV, greatness isn’t the only thing written over Velveteen Dream. The NXT Superstar came out donning pants that had a rear end which read “Call Me Up, Vince”.

Everyone had guessed what this message meant but turns out, that might not be the case at all. Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet mentioned on Twitter that Velveteen Dream’s message was not for Vince McMahon.

Triple H mentioned in a conference call after Takeover that Velveteen Dream didn’t send that message to Vince McMahon but to one of his friends with the same first name who had lost his phone.

However, Triple H made it clear that if Dream’s message for Mr.McMahon himself, then he might get one of two calls very soon. One call could bear good news for him while the other, not so much.


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