Titus O’Neil Pays For A Fans Ticket To NXT Takeover


There is a reason that Titus O’Neil remains one of the WWE’s most esteemed ambassadors. Besides being overly charismatic and filled with positive energy, the former tag-team champion continues to show incredible kindness and genuine care for other people. He did take roughly 2,000 kids to go see Black Panther when it was still in theaters, and treated a large group of homeless men and women to meals on back to back days.

Today, Titus continues his beautiful streak of kindness when he handed a girl $100 right out of his wallet because she said she couldn’t afford to go to NXT Takeover Brooklyn. The young girl wrote about her experience on Facebook and Titus took to Twitter to reveal why he helped her.

What a guy. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Even though Titus is rarely used on WWE television, he is an MVP. The type of guy that every child can look up to and every adult can attempt to replicate.

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