Scott Hall Fires Back At Fan On Twitter

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The Immortal One recently posted a cryptic N.W.O. sponsored message on his Twitter feed, indicating that the Black and White trio have something in store for the near future. Whether it’s a return to the squared circle (no) or a possible hint at being inducted into the Hall of Fame as a group (more likely) the post has sparked more positive interest in Hogan than he’s had for quite a while within the wrestling community.

However, one fan decided to take a shot at the charismatic “Bad Guy” of the group Scott Hall, and insinuated that the former Intercontinental Champion could potentially fall into his old destructive habits.

Hall was not about to take that laying down.

Fortunately, there were a large number of fans who came to Hall’s aide, and reminded him of the incredible progress he’s made in his life, and to stay the course to remain clean and healthy.

Be good to each other wrestle-verse, otherwise the Bad Guy will come for you.

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