Carmella Responds to Charlotte’s “Diva” Comment in Lead-Up to SummerSlam Match

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Carmella was the latest guest on WWE Now, ahead of her SummerSlam triple threat match against Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. With Cathy Kelley asking the questions, Carmella responds to Flair’s “Diva” comment and explains her perception heading into this Sunday’s PPV.

Responding to Flair’s comment calling Carmella a “Diva,” Carmella had the following to say:

“I don’t see anything wrong with being a Diva. Also, can I just point out that Charlotte was the Divas Champion so she kind of needs to eat her own words there? She was a Diva as well. The women paved the way for where we are now. We wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for them. And, who cares if I put a little bit more of an effort into how I look or how I act. I mean, it doesn’t take away from what I do in the ring and that’s the Champion.”

Carmella also explained what her perception is heading into this match, as she does have two challengers to take on:

“Honestly, I fully intend to walk out of Brooklyn as the SmackDown Women’s Champion. I beat Charlotte Flair twice, I’ve beat Becky before as well. I know everyone is rooting against me because maybe they aren’t so happy with what I do in the ring. But I don’t really care, I am the Champion for a reason. The odds are always stacked against you, let me just say that. Paige as the SmackDown General Manager- she is always coming at me, always stacking odds against me but I always prevail. So that’s just what is going to happen on Sunday.”

Who is your prediction for this upcoming match? Where do you stand on the “Diva” comment? Let us know in the comments below.

(If any quotes are used from above, please credit Ringside News for the transcription.)

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