Ric Flair Plans To Be Backstage At SmackDown Live Tonight

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Ric Flair has been through a lot and he continues to kick out at 2 1/2 no matter what the situation is. Now he’s watching his daughter Charlotte live in his footsteps as she makes a name for herself on her own.

Wrestling Inc recently spoke to Ric Flair where he opened up about how he’s doing and how proud he is of his daughter. He plans on seeing her very soon as well because he will be in attendance at SmackDown live tonight.

He also continued to praise Ronda Rousey for everything she’s been able to pick up in such a short amount of time. After all, a WrestleMania match between Charlotte and Ronda Rousey sounds like something a lot of people would be interested in seeing and he said his daughter was one of the few people to pick up pro wrestling as fast as Rousey.

“I’m going to SmackDown today. I’m going to see my daughter today.”

“With Ronda here, the bar has been raised,” Flair said. “Ronda has done a fabulous job. There are three people in my lifetime that came along that caught on to this business as fast as anybody are Kurt Angle, my daughter, and Ronda. I mean Brock [Lesnar] too, but Brock is a world-class athlete. It’s hard to go from full-speed in UFC down to what we do. It’s not the same by any means.”

“I can’t say enough nice things about Ronda Rousey. I texted her last night — she stole the show, it killed me. I mean she’s got her s–t together. She’s got her interview down. I mean Alexa Bliss did a great job last night, it was so entertaining. The funny thing is the company didn’t advertise her or Brock being there and they put together a hell of a show last night.”

Perhaps Flair will get to see Charlotte vs Ronda Rousey in a WrestleMania encounter before everything is said and done, but it’s probably going to be a match where he’ll have a hard time really rooting for either girl to lose.

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