Ric Flair Celebrates 1 Year Since His Surgery With Emotional Message

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Ric Flair has been through a lot in the last year. Just before SummerSlam last year, we almost lost him but now he’s back and seemingly feeling better than ever. He’s not drinking anymore and is slowly putting on more weight, thanks to a recent surgery he will be able to get back into the gym and start training soon too.

The Nature Boy recently sent out a heartfelt message to his fans who wished him the best during his medical emergency. He also spoke about his fiance Wendy and how much she helped him during that time.

“1 year ago today, almost to the hour I was in a coma undergoing surgery and given a 20% chance of living. I don’t even know how to being to thank Wendy for never leaving my side while in a coma for 12 days and ICU for 31 days while continuing to mother her children with the support of neighbors and friends, and actually, learning and becoming a fulltime nurse as well.”

Every message of “get well soon” was heard by Flair and he thanked everyone for the messages. It is a pretty big day for Flair because it is the 1st year anniversary at another chance to live his life.

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1 Year Ago Today Almost To The Hour, I Was In A Coma Undergoing Surgery And Given A 20% Chance Of Living. I Don’t Even Know How To Begin To Thank Wendy For Never Leaving My Side While In A Coma For 12 Days And ICU For 31 Days While Continuing To Mother Her Children With The Support Of Neighbors And Friends, And Actually Learning And Becoming A Full Time Nurse As Well. Taking Care Of Someone In My Condition Is No Task Anyone Would Want To Undertake, But She Did. Also Want To Thank My Two Beautiful Daughters Who Dropped Everything In Their Life To Come Stay By My Side And Never Gave Up. My Family At The WWE Was There For Everything Like They Have Been My Whole Career. I Can’t Thank Everyone Enough For Every Text, Thought, And Prayer. My Second Surgery Was Successful. I Guess I Will Forever Wonder Why I Was Given A Second Chance. But I’ll Take It And I Won’t Let Anyone Down!

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