Fans Notice A Big Change In Dean Ambrose’s Physique After Return


Dean Ambrose came back from injury after months of rehabbing a torn triceps. From the look of things, Ambrose has been working hard on way more than just his triceps since he was on the shelf.

As soon as Ambrose came out on Raw, people not only noticed Ambrose’s shaved head, but also his traps, pecs, and other arm muscles.

He has built himself up in a pretty impressive way, but that’s what happens when you can work out for a couple hours a day instead of sitting on a plane.

You can see a side-by-side below, it’s one of the many that has been put out there at this point. If anything, Ambrose certainly looks ready to hit the ground running upon his WWE return, no matter where it ends up in regards to his alliance with Seth Rollins.

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