SmackDown Superstar Possibly Injured At Live Event

Pro wrestling isn’t ballet and it looks like another SmackDown Superstar could have experienced a nasty bump in the ring. Fans in attendance at tonight’s WWE Live Event noted that Tye Dillinger was KO’ed during his match.

These are very early reports but it looks like Dillinger might have taken a bad bump. Tye was wrestling Shelton Banjamin when the spot took place. It’s never a good thing when things like this happen so we’re hoping for the best.

Hopefully, Dillinger was just really doing a great selljob, but if this kind of thing is legit then it might cause him to miss some ring time. After all, WWE doesn’t play around with head injuries.

Only time will tell what happens, but we’ll keep you updated on Dillinger’s status if and when we hear anything’s.

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