Bray Wyatt Enlists In Avenged Sevenfold’s Help For New Intro

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Bray Wyatt’s theme song has been a fan favorite for years while arenas lit up a darkened area with the glow of their cell phone flashlights AKA the fireflies. “Live In Fear” by Mark Crozer has been featured in plenty of entrances for Wyatt but he might need something new.

The Eater Of Worlds recently posted on Twitter that he is looking for something new because it’s coming and his thoughts will be unfiltered. Wyatt said he needs a badass band to make a badass intro. Then he pointed at Avenged Sevenfold.

Only time will tell how this goes down but Avenged Sevenfold is a pretty great choice if he’s trying to pick a band that will help him make a statement.

Perhaps this is a sign Wyatt is working on something outside of pro wrestling, but for now we’re just going to hope Wyatt’s usual entrance is getting a major upgrade.

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