Former UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez, who fought out his contract with the company following the loss to Dustin Poirier in the main event of UFC Calgary, is at a cross roads in his fighting career.

He publicly admitted to betting on himself and entering that fight without having come to terms with the UFC on a new contract, but lost leverage following the second round TKO defeat.

UFC President Dana White, who was on the UFC Unfiltered podcast this week, weighed in on Eddie Alvarez’ contract situation in detail.

I like Eddie Alvarez. I like him personally, and I like him professionally. He’s at an age now where he needs to make some decisions for his family and for what will probably be the last contract he signs for the rest of his career. I’m in a place if Eddie wants to go somewhere else and try it, I’m cool with that. If Eddie wants to stay, I’d keep him here too.

However, White also mentioned that the UFC’s priority right now was to unearth young blood that are gunning for gold and possibly spend their money towards tying them up with long term contracts, indirectly implying that Alvarez, fast closing in on 35, may not be the type of fighter that they are too keen to keep around on big money.


You can listen to the full podcast below:

Could we have just witnessed the last of the Underground King in the UFC?

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