Ryback opens today’s show by discussing the announcement of WWE’s first ever all-womens PPV, “WWE Evolution”. He wonders if any men will be allowed on the show at all, and he jokes that there should be a men’s bra and panties match on the show to make up for all the matches the women had over the years.

He thinks it’s really cool that the women are finally getting a chance to showcase their abilities on their very own PPV, and he notes that it must be especially neat for all the women of the past who had to go through a lot over the years. He points out that this show will be a good payday for the women as well which is always nice.

Ryback talks about the unfortunate deaths of Nikolai Volkoff and Brian Christopher Lawler. He points out that Volkoff was a massive human being. He’s unsure if Volkoff ever dabbled in steroids or performance enhancers, but Volkoff was never known for that type of behaviour; he was simply a monster of a man. He notes that Volkoff was very nice to him every time they met, and he was so sad to hear the news that heart trouble took Volkoff’s life. He sends his thoughts and prayers to the family.

He was also very sad to hear the news of Brian Lawler’s passing. He notes that the Too Cool gimmick was extremely over during the attitude era, and while most fans might remember him for his dancing ability, he was an underrated talent in the ring. He points out that a lot of mid-card talents can really go in the ring, even though we might associate them with other parts of their gimmicks. He notes that Lawler will be missed, and he sends his thoughts and prayers to the Lawler family.

Ryback sends his congratulations to the new Mayor of Knoxville County, Kane. He points out that Kane is a great human being, a super intelligent man, and a great businessman. He adds that Kane has been a great soldier for WWE for a lot of years, and he hopes that WWE will give him a proper send off at SummerSlam. He thinks Kane has earned the right to do special events or one-off matches at SummerSlam or WrestleMania moving forward.

Ryback talks about the recent news that a school teacher in Pennsylvania has been working a Nazi gimmick at independent shows for years. Recently the news broke and now the teacher has found himself in hot water at work. Ryback notes that when you’re a professional wrestler you need to ask yourself if parents are going to be able to look at your character objectively, and then make a decision or judgement call based on that.

In this case parents probably won’t be able to separate the human being from the character he’s portraying, especially in this day and age. On the other hand, Ryback poses the question, “If you’re a parent and this guy is teaching your kid, would you be comfortable with that?” Given that this guy is a school teacher, Ryback thinks he should have known better than to impersonate a Nazi character.

Stu Bennett (formerly WWE’s Wade Barrett) has made a return to the wrestling business as a commentator on ITV’s World of Sport Wrestling. Ryback is happy to see Bennett get involved in the wrestling business again. Bennett simply had to get away from the business and decompress after leaving WWE, especially since he had some injuries that needed to heal.

Ryback notes that Bennett’s commentary and promo work has always been great, and it was actually his promos that originally caught Dusty Rhodes’ attention in WWE developmental. He mentions that Bennett will be a very valuable employee for World of Sport Wrestling, especially on commentary, and any company would be lucky to have him.

Ryback talks about the obsessive nature of professional wrestling fans and people in general. He points out that people shouldn’t get too obsessed with things because you can really limit yourself when you’re overly obsessed with one thing. He urges everyone to look in the mirror and make some changes if you’re obsessed with professional wrestling, or anything else that could negatively affect your ability to succeed at other things in life.

That sums up this week’s episode of Conversation With the Big Guy. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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