Joe Rogan is one of the most ‘woke’ individuals in the MMA community and a pioneer in the podcasting space with his wildly successful show, the Joe Rogan Experience.

He has had on a very large number of guests on the show from all walks of life, belief systems, educational and ethnic backgrounds, and discusses practically everything under the sun from politics to science to religion and of course, MMA.

However, he is vocal and unafraid about voicing his opinion and that seems to have rubbed the Westboro Baptist Church the wrong way. The church has announced its intention to protest ‘adamant atheist Joe Rogan’ at his show in the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City on August 10.

Rogan posted the following notice from them on his Instagram account, followed by a defense of his non-religious stance, saying that “I have no idea if there’s a higher power, but I would have to assume if there is one he’s definitely not happy that these hateful twats are running around pretending that they speak for him/her. ”


Steve Carrier

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