Jim Ross Has A Problem With Attitude Era Artwork

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The Attitude Era is always going to be some fans’ favorite time for WWE, but it wouldn’t have been anything without Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler’s commentary calling the action as the events that we’ll never forget unfolded.

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently saw some pretty cool artwork featuring the biggest names from the Attitude Era, and he commented about how the photo looks like it was on mute.

For some reason, the artist left out Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, and their iconic headwear was left off the picture. Jim Ross couldn’t help but ask if he was missing something because he wasn’t included in the photo.

Let’s hope the next time someone gets the idea of making a sick Attitude Era picture that they remember who made the matches come alive on television, “bah gawd!”

The original Twitter post has since been deleted probably because he’s getting back to the drawing board to insert some guys wearing a cowboy hat and crown.

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