WWE Might Combine Both Rosters In 2019


Raw and SmackDown are both going to get a huge boost when it comes to television in 2019. They both start new contracts in October ’19 that will see SmackDown Live more to Fox and Raw will remain on USA for a much higher price.

The idea was brought up during Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE might panic and combine both rosters if Fox sees the early ratings at this point and decides to pull out of the deal for some reason with an early termination clause.

“I can see that as a strong possibility. I don’t know the nature of the contract. My gut is they have to have it if it bombs because it’s primetime network TV. Worst case, they’ll move it to FS1 and I think they’ll do great numbers on FS1.”

It was also speculated that he doesn’t think Fox will pull out of this long-term deal.

Although Fox is the goal, you never know if they could get cold feet. SmackDown is on a Friday night again after all and that’s typically a harder night to capture an audience.

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