Brian Christopher hasn’t even been dead a week yet but that didn’t stop popular website PWInsider from throwing shade at the former WWE Superstar behind their paywall on the latest episode of “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Name Show.” Below are a few quotes from both Mike Johnson and Dave Scherer from their nearly 20 minute discussion on Christopher’s passing.

“One of the most troubling parts to it is he did it to himself. Even if he didn’t actually hang himself, he put himself in the position to where he got hung because for whatever reason” – Dave Scherer

“To me unless there is some sort of mental defect for a person that precludes them from thinking rationally and thus taking substances a lot harder — I mean there is the element of choice involved. Brian Christopher is a guy who had a lot more breaks than most people could have ever asked for in life. Certainly walked around Memphis, Tennessee like he was the king because he was the son of the king and he was a celebrity.” – Dave Scherer

“The reality is Brian put himself in that situation, nobody else.” – Mike Johnson


“My heart doesn’t bleed for him personally because — lets face it we see this all the time with children or famous people.” – Dave Scherer

“We know about the three DUIs, we know about the situation at the hotel that he couldn’t pay. Think about how bad it is where you actually get arrested because you don’t have $800 to pay the hotel bill. You’ve hit rock bottom at that point. You’re looking at a situation where this guy made a lot of money and he can’t afford to pay for — the corporate credit card the other guy had didn’t work. that’s when you pull out your credit card and say “I don’t want to go to jail” and you pay the bill right? He obviously couldn’t do that. When you look from it from that perspective, his life has definitely hit the skids. I totally get why the family did what they did. I probably would have done the same thing.” – Dave Scherer

“I know everyone is talking nice about Brian Christopher now but he was a bit of an asshole.” – Dave Scherer

“Brian is a 46 year old man and he’s lived long enough to know what to do and he didn’t do what he needed to do to be a grown ass man” – Dave Scherer

There were tons of other negative remarks said regarding Brian’s passing but unfortunately they hide behind a paywall and you have to pay to listen. Brian hasn’t even been dead for a week. Was it really necessary to dig up old dirt on the guy and throw shade at him? Sound off in the comment section below.


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