Eddie Alvarez took to Instagram and released the below statement regarding his TKO loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC Calgary.

“There are no grey areas in fighting — one man will lose and the other will win, this is why I love this game,” Alvarez wrote on Instagram. “Controversial calls, judging, and fan support can always add to the drama but in the end one will stand and one will fall. Hats off to Dustin and his team, he stayed calm under pressure and fought beautifully this makes us 1-1.

“In no way will I judge [Marc] Goddard harshly. We have the same job! He has to make decisions in split seconds just like I do, and he makes them with my health and my opponents in mind. What’s done is done. As for Mark Henry calling for an elbow in the heat of the moment. An angled elbow is an incredible shot from the position I was in, it’s actually the only shot you can throw. We simply had a miscommunication, it happens in war more often than not, this was a case of “friendly fire” and we ended up on the losing end of this battle. But let’s remember Ricardo [Almeida] and Mark are also responsible for my UFC world title, and wins over some of the greatest fighters in the UFC. He’s the hardest worker on our team, obsessive, detailed, and pushes us all to understand the opportunity we have in front of is on a world stage. He’s my coach, friend, and been a mentor of mine for longer than most of you know.”

You can check out the original post below.

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