How Much WWE Reportedly Offered Tommy Dreamer To Close House Of Hardcore

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Tommy Dreamer’s House Of Hardcore promotion features top indie talent doing what they do best: wrestling without BS, politics, or other corporate concern. WWE might not appreciate this kind of operation and apparently, the wanted to shut it down.

Brad Shepard said on Barn Burner’s Fired Up podcast where he mentioned how much WWE offered Tommy Dreamer to close up House Of Hardcore.

“While they don’t consider promotions like House Of Hardcore to be serious WCW-like competition, I’m just talking about promotions that have popular talent with fans with a streaming service like Tommy Dreamer’s promotion does.”

“So Tommy Dreamer was offered in the ballpark of $1 million to close House Of Hardcore. I think that’s big news because what we’re seeing is a trend of WWE eliminating competition.”

Although HOH might not be the biggest competition, it really meets up with WWE’s trend. Dreamer obviously didn’t take WWE’s offer, but it’s interesting if this kind of offer was on the table.

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