James Ellsworth Reacts to Carmella Using His Theme Song as a Deception on SmackDown

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James Ellsworth was fired from SmackDown LIVE last week after he pissed General Manager Paige off. Paige seemingly had enough of Ellsworth’s jabs and hence decided to fire him from SmackDown LIVE.

People believed that this segment was a way to write Ellsworth off the TV. However, everyone was shocked when Ellsworth’s music played during this week’s SmackDown LIVE in a segment between Carmella and Becky Lynch.

As it turned out, it was just a carefully laid out deception by Carmella to catch Lynch by surprise. Carmella attacked Lynch until Charlotte Flair made her return and saved her friend.

Ellsworth took to his Twitter handle to take shots at Paige once again. He said that the Tampa audience clearly wanted the Chinless Wonder back but it’s because of Paige that they’re left disappointed.

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